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Persnam Corporation provides a wide-range professional technology focusing on Bagged Coffee manufacture, supply and development. Our experience in design and produce enable us to offer products for any application. Also we can modify any existing standard design to accommodate your needs. We are a high-tech company in this field which is capable of designing, producing a series of high quality products. We have been established stable and reliable cooperative relations with customers all over the world. Welcome to join the wide and favorable cooperation with us now!
Bagged Coffee - CB-002
Model: CB-002
Bagged Coffee
If you are short on time but also looking for a highly flavorful coffee, then Lofa® Infusion Coffee Bags are right for you. Each Lofa® Infusion Coffee Bag contains 100% pure premium ground Arabica coffee beans which is individually sealed with nitrogen flushed.
Our green coffee beans bear the distinctive characteristics from their respective harvested region such as our coffee plantation at Bolaven Plateau and Laos. The beans tend to be a medium roast as to produce a smooth, delicate flavor, accompanied with mild acidity and rich aroma.
The result? A cup of comfort with long lasting satisfaction.

Product: Lofa® Infusion Coffee Bag- Catimor
Contents: 8g/sachet
Origin of Coffee Beans: Laos

For Best Results:
  1. Place a fresh Lofa® Coffee Bag in a cup.
  2. Add around 120-150ml of hot water.
  3. Immerse the coffee bag for 2-3 minutes
  4. (Dunking the bag will accelerate the infusion process).
  5. Leave the coffee bag longer in the cup to the strength you desire.
  6. Squeeze bag dry to extract every bit of tasty goodness before removing.
  7. Optional: Add milk or sugar

Lofa Coffee does not only manufacture coffee, we also have our own coffee plantation in Southeast Asia. By cutting out the middleman, we bring premium coffee directly to your table at an affordable price.  
The Catimor is a single blend harvested from our backyard. Through delicate care and preparation, we bring you an amazing nutty taste with an herbal aroma. Occasionally, some beans have cherry or berry undertones.
We believe you’ll enjoy your cup of Catimor and will definitely want more!

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Bagged Coffee

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