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Filter Bag Coffee - CB-001
Model: CB-001
Filter Bag Coffee
Lofa Coffee - 100% freshly roasted coffee in single serving infusion bags to bring you a perfect cup of coffee. Here's a new way to enjoy a great fresh brew in minutes with no mess or fuss.
Each coffee bag contains 100% pure premium ground Arabica coffee beans, and individually sealed with nitrogen flushed to contain the freshness and flavor.  
This coffee delivers a rich aroma, full body and a balanced finish.

Product: Lofa® Infusion Coffee Bag- Gold Blend
Contents: 10g/sachet
Origin of Coffee Beans: Indonesia, Brazil, Colombia

For Best Results:
  1. Place a fresh Lofa® Coffee Bag in a cup.
  2. Add around 150-180ml of hot water.
  3. Immerse the coffee bag for 2-3 minutes
  4. (Dunking the bag will accelerate the infusion process).
  5. Leave the coffee bag longer in the cup to the strength you desire.
  6. Squeeze bag dry to extract every bit of tasty goodness before removing.
  7. Optional: Add milk or sugar

Lofa Coffee creates premium blends by combining exquisite coffee beans which are carefully selected from around the world for their unique flavor profile and characteristics. We have an experienced team that possesses the technology and technique to maintain consistency when roasting coffee. Through distinguishing the color and temperature guidelines of the beans, we ensure the perfection of every roast. In addition, our professional tasters perform a taste test for every roast before the coffee is packaged for sale. You can always expect consistency and excellency coffee from Lofa Coffee.
Once you go tea-bag, you’ll never look back.

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Filter Bag Coffee

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