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Persnam Corporation is a manufacturer and supplier of quality products, such as Coffee Tea Bags and so on for over years, we have worked in partnership with our customers to build strong alliances. Our reputation for innovative design, reliability continues to influence the most critical of decision makers. In the future, we are dedicated to providing customers with the best products, services and support you deserve. If you have this requirement, whenever OEM or ODM is welcome!
Coffee Tea Bags - CB-004
Model: CB-004
Coffee Tea Bags
Tea Bag Styled
Experiencing fatigue but have a busy day ahead? Take a sip of our Blue Mountain blend to rejuvenate your body and soul.
Being one of our most popular and sought after blends, it has an exotic and harmonized mixture between the fiery passion of South America and the tropical coolness of the Caribbean.
Its tea bag styled design makes it convenient and easy to prepare for people with busy schedules.
Just drop it in hot water, and in a matter of minutes, your cup of coffee will be ready perfectly.
Who knew brewing coffee can be that easy!

Product: Lofa® Infusion Coffee Bag – Blue Mountain Blend
Contents: 10g/sachet
Origin of Coffee Beans: Colombia & Jamaica

For Best Results:
  1. Place a fresh Lofa® Coffee Bag in a cup.
  2. Add around 150-180ml of hot water.
  3. Immerse the coffee bag into the hot water for 2-3 minutes
  4. (Dunking the bag will accelerate the infusion process). 4. Leave the coffee bag longer in the cup to the strength you desire.
  5. Squeeze bag dry to extract every bit of tasty goodness before removing.
  6. Optional: Add milk or sugar

At Lofa Coffee, we want to bring the best product to market and have our customers look forward to something new each year. The Blue Mountain is our product of the year as its new flavor is remarkably distinctive and unique while retaining the conveniency form of the tea-bag.
Its complex blend of light and dark roast creates a balanced taste that warms the minds and hearts of our customers. With positive reviews and sales, the Blue Mountain Blend Coffee is your morning or afternoon coffee that should not be missed
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Coffee Tea Bags

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